Our Services

As the premier shipping warehouse NJ, we are pleased offer the following services to all of our new and returning customers. Each time you work with us, you will find that we will never take risks with your valuable shipments in order to increase our profit. Rather, we will always work with you to find the best, the most reliable, and the most cost effective shipping route for your items.

An Over Land In Country Shipping Warehouse NJ

No matter which compass direction you need to ship products in, New Jersey often serves as a key hub.  At ACS shipping, we are one of the few shipping warehouse New Jersey companies that have full access to all the best routes in and out of NYC, as well as into DC and other critical areas. In fact, even if you need to ship goods further north, or to the west, we have contracts with all the best and most reliable drivers. At the same time, once each driver takes on your shipment, you will see that information in real time.

An Ocean Shipping Warehouse New Jersey

Many companies that cannot afford air freight are increasingly looking to ocean shipping to help meet their transport needs.  Since we have an excellent land based transport system, we can just as easily meet your Pacific shipping need as well as Atlantic ones.  Therefore, no matter where your customers are, we can assure you that your shipments will arrive at a cost you can afford.

A Roll On / Roll Off (RoRo) Shipping Warehouse NJ

Chances are, you already realize that many manufacturing companies are increasingly relying on “roll on / roll off” containers as part of saving money on the transport of bulky items. We can easily accommodate any container that you need to ship. In fact, when you speak to our customer service teams, we will be happy to provide you with access to professionals that specialize in this form of shipping.

Customs Clearance and Our Shipping Warehouse New Jersey Services


There are few things worse than having a contract with an overseas customer, and then have the merchandise stuck in customs. No matter whether the holdup occurs for just a few hours, or stretches on for months, the cost for storage is bound to cause you all kinds of stress. Since we are an accredited US Customs brokerage, you can rest assured that these problems will never occur when you work with us.

In our modern world, there is no question that shipping large sized freight is becoming more difficult and more expensive. That said, when you work with our professionals, you will find that our shipping warehouse New Jersey services will make the job much easier. This includes managing all the legal details of your shipments as well as the purely logistical ones. Give us a call today and find out why so many businesses in your local area trust us and continue to rely on us for all their shipping needs.