How it works?

How it works

You need to ship car from US to other country? No problem, our specialty is car shipping.

In order to ship a car you need to know some basic information about the process.


1)      You need to have “title” (certificate of title, salvage certificate, salvage title, destruction certificate) for the car;

2)      “Consignee” (receiver) information: name, last name, address, phone number, email address. For some country importing you may need passport number. If car will be received by some company, make sure you have company name, address, phone number, fax number, email address and contact person, you may also need local tax identification number, some countries Customs require this information before vehicle arrived;

3)      You should check the “title” (certificate of title, salvage certificate, salvage title, destruction certificate) for the car, sometimes, when car was owned by the bank or credit company there is a lien record on the title for the vehicle, usually, when vehicle is paid to the lien holder, title will have a stamp about or additional lien release letter given to the borrower. You can always check with us your documents for the vehicle before the shipment;

4)      If vehicle was made less than 3 years before the shipping, you should have bill of sale from the dealer or the seller, if it was recently purchased (most cases it is enough to have a copy of bill of sale), in case if you owned this vehicle more than 6 month before the shipment, you don’t need to have bill of sale;

5)      If you have something inside the car, such as auto parts or some personal belongs, please have some information about (short description, for example: set of tires or box with used personal clothes), if somebody else besides vehicle receiver should receive it, we need to have his (her) information as well. However, vehicle shipped RORO cannot be shipped with personal belongs;

6)      Do not ship vehicle with hazardous materials or illegal belongs;

7)      We will hold documents after car is shipped for the US Customs clearance (it takes usually 1-2 weeks, depends of Customs).



We are making photos, when cars arriving to our location and on the loading. Customers can see all photos and information online-accounts.