Getting started

You have a car or other cargo, and you need to ship it?


1)      Check port you want to ship to, we can ship to closest port, if price is too high for this port or advise where it is better to ship to save your time and money.

2)      Check what you may need when you importing car to the destination. Destination country may have some special requirements or import tax, it is better to be ready before you started your shipment.

3)      Check, if you have some packages, what can you import, and how much, if any customs fee can be applied to your shipment.

4)      Make sure you can import your cargo or vehicle to the destination country, some country are not accept some cargo or vehicle imports (year, engine size, vehicle condition).

5)      To some destination you may need to find the company that can help you with import documentation.

6)      Decide when you need to ship your cargo, how long it can take to get to the destination.

7)      Contact us, if you need transportation of your cargo to our warehouse or port.

8)      Have receiver information and check vehicle documents when delivering car, we will always advise can cargo be shipped with the documents you have or you will need some additional paperwork. It is not complicated, but the paperwork has to be prepared for the shipping, and we will always help you with that.