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If you are looking for the best shipping warehouse New Jersey, then you should look no further than AC Shipping.

We provide the following services:

• Cross country shipping of large sized freight– We can easily transport everything from palettes to double tractor trailer boxes across the country.
• Shipping over the ocean– Need to ship routinely to overseas destinations? Let us manage your air and water based freight needs. Not only will we ensure your goods arrive safely, you will never need to worry about wrong paperwork causing problems with foreign customs agents.
• We are a registered brokerage and clearance service through US customs–Needless to say, if you don’t want your valuable merchandise sitting in a customs warehouse, you will always want to work with a company that is already a registered broker with US customs.
• You can always track your shipments with our real time event software– Never worry about where your property is when you can simply log into your account and see real time event mapping.

Here at AC Shipping, we realize that a shipping warehouse NJ needs to be much more than a place where you can store your valuable merchandise. No matter whether you are shipping from NY or northern regions into areas of the south eastern seaboard, or to areas further west, New Jersey is a key hub. No matter whether you need to ship heavy equipment or products from a factory, you can rest assured that we will always deliver your property on time and in good condition.

A number of our customers often note that we stand well above any other shipping warehouse New Jersey on many criteria. Among other things, when we say that we will deliver your property by a certain time, you can rest assured that we will do the job. We have also earned a very good reputation for ease of contact. No matter whether you have questions about the customs clearance process, or need help with the live tracking system, our representatives are always available to discuss the matter with you by phone and email.